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Vegas News You Can Use

January 27, 2021


"The only constant in life is change..." - Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus

Perhaps nowhere else on the planet is that more accurate than in Las Vegas.

It's a city that's always evolving, always growing, and always re-inventing itself.  That can make planning your Vegas vacation a bit difficult at times - and that's where I come in!

I'm proud to announce the return of Vegas News You Can Use - but this time, it's coming back as it's own self-contained podcast!

I'll be releasing a new episode every week, jam-packed with tons of great Vegas-related stories & info that I hope you'll find interesting and useful.  I'll be covering things like openings & closures, the latest news on shows & events and pro-sports in Vegas - including the Golden Knights & Raiders.  I'll even give you a weekly weather forecast, so you can pack and plan your wardrobe accordingly!

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Here's the latest episode: