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Viva Las Crypto

April 18, 2022


Crypto Currency...Block Chain...Non-Fungible Tokens...Alt-Coins...

If you've been paying attention to financial news over the last few years, these are likely all terms that you've heard mentioned...but what the HELL are they?  And how do they relate to Las Vegas?

My guest for this episode is going to do his best to break it all down for us in the simplest terms possible.

Making his second appearance on the podcast is Jake Gallen.  Jake previously hosted a podcast called "The Guest List" where he interviewed Las Vegas creators, leaders & entrepreneurs.  In early 2022, Jake re-branded and shifted focus to the world of Crypto & NFT's.  He also founded a Crypto Consultation Firm called Nativ Research & has become heavily involved in the Las Vegas Crypto scene.

Jake & I connected on my last trip to Las Vegas and he was kind enough to explain what Crypto Currency is and how it works, what an NFT is & how they're currently being used, and we talked about the potential future for crypto & NFT's in the world of Las Vegas.

If you want to know more, be sure to visit Jake's Website and take a listen to the Jake Gallen Podcast.  Also, be sure to follow Jake on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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