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Sleeping With The Fishes: The Bodies Of Lake Mead

July 4, 2022


Las Vegas - or more specifically, Lake Mead, located just outside Las Vegas - has found itself in the spotlight as of late & is attracting the attention of two very different groups of people:

Mob Historians and Climate Scientists

Lake Mead is known as a water playground for both tourists & locals, but it's also one the United States' largest reservoirs providing water for over 20 million people across 3 states.  However, due to drought and increased water demand, the lake's water levels have dropped drastically over the last several years, which has led to some bizarre and horrifying discoveries.

Returning for this bonus episode of the podcast to discuss recent events at Lake Mead is Anthony Smith, one half of the creative force behind Mayhem In The Desert, a Las Vegas True Crime blog that takes a deep dive into some of the stories that helped shape Las Vegas's history.

If you want to learn more about Vegas's true crime past and the darker side of Sin City, be sure to visit Mayhem In The Desert.  Also, be sure to follow Mayhem In The Desert on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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