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Better Safe Than Sorry - Tips & Tricks For Travel Safety

June 20, 2022


The world is FINALLY starting to feel normal.  And part of that "normal" is a return to travel.

But when you haven't done something for a long time - for example, for two years during a global pandemic - it's easy to get out of practice and forget all those good travel habits you had that helped to keep you safe when you were venturing out around the world.

With more people starting to make the trek to Las Vegas (and elsewhere around the globe), I thought it might be helpful to put together an episode all about travel safety & security.  After all, nothing can wreck a vacation faster than being scammed, losing your passport or ending up sick or injured.

And although some people may think I'm "fear mongering" here, I prefer to think of it as "worst-case scenario planning".  I mean, it's better to have an umbrella and not need it than need one and not have it, right?

There's a lot to unpack here, so I've created a downloadable copy of my notes for your own use and here's links to some of the resources I used to put together this episode:


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