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Best Of Jeff Does Vegas - Sin City Stories Volumes 1-5

December 28, 2020


If there was one "silver lining" that came out of the dumpster-fire that was 2020, it was the opportunity to focus on a few projects that I previously hadn't had time to work on.

Sin City Stories was one of those projects.

I'd had this idea in my head to put together "deep dives" into various aspects of Las Vegas history.  I wanted to tell the stories of some of the more fascinating, bizarre and tragic events that helped to shape the city - but at the same time, make sure it didn't just sound like I was reading from a Wikipedia page.

I wanted Sin City Stories to be more like a "documentary" or "long-form storytelling" with music, vocal effects and sound effects.  I wanted the listener to feel like they were "on a journey" and once they'd finished listening to the podcast, to be able to jump onto the website to read the stories, see photos and watch videos.

Sin City Stories is the most in-depth production I've ever done in my entire podcasting & broadcasting career and I'm incredibly proud of it.